Onprem vs Cloud Support

Integration Scanning Capabilities

The table below outlines the available integration scanning capabilities, specifying whether an integration can be scanned with an on-premise scanner or cloud scanner.

IntegrationScanning Capability
JFrog ArtifactoryBoth (Onprem and Cloud)
Azure ReposBoth (Onprem and Cloud)
BitBucketBoth (Onprem and Cloud)
BuildkiteBoth (Onprem and Cloud)
CircleCIBoth (Onprem and Cloud
ConfluenceBoth (Onprem and Cloud)
Google Cloud StorageBoth (Onprem and Cloud)
GerritBoth (Onprem and Cloud)
GitBoth (Onprem and Cloud)
GitHubBoth (Onprem and Cloud)
GitLabBoth (Onprem and Cloud)
Google DriveCloud Scanner
JenkinsBoth (Onprem and Cloud)
JiraBoth (Onprem and Cloud)
Microsoft TeamsCloud Scanner
S3Both (Onprem and Cloud)
SharePointCloud Scanner
SlackBoth (Onprem and Cloud)